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Below is a collection of my favorite scenery photos. If you wish to purchase a photo, click on the photo and common purchasing options will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on "Visit Shop" to see all the purchasing options. Enjoy the day!
kahle lake sunset 2021_09_17-Edit-Editsunnybs tall sunflower 2021_09_02-Edit-Editsunnybs dew sunflower 2021_09_02.NEFsunnybs truck1 2021_09_02-Editsunnybs truck2 2021_09_02-Edit2021_08_30 leeann john sunnybs-Edit2021_09_02 sunnybs truck1-Edit2021_08_26 Lake Hammond Sunsettioga hammond connecting chanell 2021_08_25-Editwoodland sunflower 2021_07_21-Editforget me not 2021_07_18-Editkahle sunset 2021_07_22-Editoil creek teasel 2021_07_21-Editoc&t 2021_07_21-Editoil creek sedge 2021_07_21-Edit-Editwhite bee balm 2021_07_21-Editqueen annes lace 2021_07_18milkweed ant 2021_07_18-Edittrees cloud moon 2021_07_14-Editkahle sunset 2021_07_14-Edit