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Below is a collection of my favorite scenery photos. If you wish to purchase a photo, click on the photo and common purchasing options will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on "Visit Shop" to see all the purchasing options. Enjoy the day!
potters falls road snow 2020_11_02potters falls road snow 2 2020_11_02Pigeon Falls 2020_10_31Kahle Lake Sunset 2020_10_30Kahle Lake Sunset Sunlit cove 2020_10_30Jordan Hill Road 2020_10_21East Sandy Deer 2020_10_21Justus Lake sunset1 2020_10_14Justus Lake foliage 2020_10_14Justus Lake Boat 2020_10_14Kennerdell River Canoe 2020_10_14Hornberg Road 2020_10_13East Sandy Creek-1 2020_10_13Sugarcreek Railroad Bridge 2020_10_13sunflowers from sunnybs 2020_08_30-8sunflowers from sunnybs 2020_08_30-7sunflowers from sunnybs 2020_08_30-6sunflowers from sunnybs 2020_08_30-5sunflowers from sunnybs 2020_08_30-4sunflowers from sunnybs 2020_08_30-3