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Below is a collection of my favorite scenery photos. If you wish to purchase a photo, click on the photo and common purchasing options will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on "Visit Shop" to see all the purchasing options. Enjoy the day!
highland trail bluebead lily 2023_05_24fleabane daisies 2023_05_24-Editcanada mayflower2 2023_05_24kitchen creek reflections3 2023_05_24-Editwhite baneberry 2023_05_24Golden Ragwort 2023_05_24stump fungus 2023_05_24blackberry 2023_05_24spiderwort 2023_05_24buttercup 2023_05_24wild geranium 2023_05_24jack in the pulpit2 2023_05_23-Editjack in the pulpit 2023_05_23-Editsolomons seal2 2023_05_23interesting tree 2023_05_23lake jean sunset 2023_05_22sugar creek 2023_05_16east sandy creek 2023_04_28-Editred trillium2 2023_04_18-Editred trillium1 2023_04_18