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rockland rainbow 2021_06_19hooded warbler 3 2021_06_14-Editsong sparrow 2021_06_02-Editgreat blue heron 2021_06_02-Editrailroad deer 2021_05_26-facebook2021_05_24 muskrat-facebookblackwater falls view1 2021_05_18-Edittrillium and ragwort 2021_05_11-facebookbluebells and log 2021_05_11-facebookhector falls iphone 2021_05_10-facebookpainted trillium 3 2021_05_10-facebookcooperstown farm 2021_04_14kahle sunset 2020_11_19Kahle Sunrise 2020_11_04potters falls road snow 2020_11_02potters falls road snow 2 2020_11_02Pigeon Falls 2020_10_31Kahle Lake Sunset 2020_10_30Kahle Lake Sunset Sunlit cove 2020_10_30Jordan Hill Road 2020_10_21